Possibilities with sieve frame,
 stencil and acrylic paint

Any desired shape and color can be achieved with this printing technique. Screen printing is very durable, this technique can be applied to various materials.

Standaard Zeefdruk
Zeefdruk op waterbasis

Possibilities with sieve frame,
stencil and acrylic paint

Any desired shape and color can be achieved with this printing technique. Water-based screen printing is slightly less wear-resistant, but less noticeable on a surface than standard screen printing. This technique is mainly suitable for textile surfaces of light color.

Glitter prinT


Glitter prints can be achieved in several ways. By adding glitter to paint it can also be screen printed.

Glitter Print
Puff Print
PUFF print

With a puff print it literally lies on the fabric

Puff print is achieved with special paint. Screen printing is also used here. After printing, the paint is extra heated so that it rises to the top.


New with a worn look

Crackle effect is achieved with special paint and stencil. Screen printing is also used here. After printing, the print is extra dried, this together with the other elements create the crackle (worn) effect.

Crackle print
Glowing the dark print
glow in the dark print

Be the light in the dark

There are 2 possibilities to achieve this effect:
1. Silkscreen with luminous paint.
2. Existing luminous transfer foils

Rubber print

Do you want a palpable design?
Then go for 3D!

This technique can also be achieved in 2 ways:
1. Screen printing with certain paint, which is printed several times over each other.
2. Existing transfer foils that are a lot thicker than standard.

Rubber Print
Reflective Print
reflective print

Catch light and shine it out again

Reflective print is in particular a technique in which glass spheres are added to paint or transfer material. These glass spheres catch light and reflect it back. All colors are possible. This technique can also be achieved in
2 ways:
1. Silkscreen with Reflective paint. The glass spheres are added. 2. Existing transfer foils that already have this property.

Digital print

Convenience serves people

Digital print is a modern technique in which a garment is printed directly under a specially developed printer. This printer is also referred to as a DTG printer. DTG means Direct To Garment. This technique is ideal for full color artworks that are produced in small quantities.

Digital Print
Discharge Print
Discharged print

Seeing the artwork, but not feeling it

This is also a technique that is achieved by screen printing. This time chemicals are added to the paint. These chemicals ensure that the color of the fabric is “erased”. In this place the erased color is replaced by the colors you want from the artwork as desired. This technique is a very nice solution to give the impression that the artwork is woven into the fabric. In addition, the print gives a vintage look.


Transfer the full color artwork 1 to 1

With sublimation the artwork is as it were “baked in” in the material of the product. heat-sensitive ink is used for this on a polyester garment . This is mainly used for sports equipment.


Pick the foil and let the plotter do the work

There is a wide range of foils.
Usually these consist of vinyl. Many colors are possible, including gold, silver, holographic and reflective.
plotter with an x & y axis can cut any shape you want.
The remaining artwork is printed on a specific surface by means of a heat press.


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