Design your own clothing?
We will help you further

We are a Business-to-Business merchandise producer, that can help your company design and produce high-quality merchandise collections.

In addition to designing and producing, we also assist you with additional matters regarding merchandise, such as product photography, logistics and more. We are your partner in creating Premium Merchandise.

Premium Merchandise
Premium Merchandise

Products of high and durable quality

All our products are developed in a responsible manner. We think of sustainable materials and production processes that are not harmful to the environment.

We have a wide range of samples at our head office, which give an impression of the possibilities.

In addition to clothing for your company, We also offer products that can market your company, such as advertising and promotional items..


Differentiate yourself by using refined details

Using the right technology can make a difference in the appearance of the product.

We are happy to take a look with you for available materials and techniques that best suit your desired product and corporate identity.

The image of your brand identity goes beyond the product alone. This includes hang tags, packaging and the entire presentation of your product.

In addition, refined additional details such as labels, patches and hang tags will give the product a complete look and feel.

Premium Merchandise

Knowledge is power
Collaboration is strength

je eigen kleding maken schets

Do you have an idea? Then we will work it out. No idea yet? Then we are happy to think along with you.

je eigen kleding maken visual

After the thinking phase, we will develop the ideas into a visualization. This will give you an idea of ​​what the final product will look like.

je eigen kleding maken

Finally the product is developed. We strive for the desired end result with the right materials and techniques.


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City: Rotterdam
Country: The Netherlands


Tel: +31 (0)10 307 59 42
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Bank: ING BANK The Netherlands
VAT:  NL00 157 0543 B 26

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