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Spring, summer, autumn & winter

Premium Merchandise offers the opportunity to develop matching jackets for every season.
Jackets come in all shapes and sizes. Parka, bomber jacket, raincoat, anorak, windbreaker,
varsity & denim jacket.Choice in model, fit, fabric quality, color, details and printing techniques
can be filled in by you as a customer.

Based on our experience, we are happy to advise you and see what best suits your needs.
With your ideas and our expertise, we ensure the desired end result.


Choose fabric & color

Premium Merchandise has one purchasing department that can
select a suitable fabric based on its function, durability
quality and color.

The right choice of materials creates a luxurious look.
In addition, this offers the possibility to distinguish
yourself from others.


Which print technique
will suit your jacket best?

For the right “look & feel” of your product it is important to find the correct techniques. We are happy to think along with you and look at what the best|
options are based on your brand, corporate identity and design.

In addition to the well-known screen printing technique, we can also provide
various others techniques such as embroidery, sublimation, appliqué and more.


Finishing touch

The appearance of your jacket is largely determined by the choice of material and printing technique. Complete the picture by using beautiful brand labels
and hang tags.

A good appearance goes beyond the product alone. The presentation of your product plays an important role in this. For example, a Luxury packaging can ensusre the real “wow factor” for your customers.


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