velcro patches

Ideal for a product that has multiple functions

Patches come in all shapes and sizes.
This is explained in more detail below. What applies to all patches, that they can be equipped with a velcro backing (Velcro). An ideal way to replace or supplement any product.

Velcro Patch
Rubber Patch
rubber patches

Add color & depth to your design

Rubber patches are molded from a mold. Any shape and color can be applied. Relief is also possible.

leATHER patches

Leather is beautiful, faux leather is socially conscious

Faux leather patches can be cut and dyed in different sizes and colors.

Leren Patch
Gewoven Patch
WOVEN patches

Yarn in all colors possible

Patches can be woven. The refinement is determined by the thickness of the yarn.

Embroidery patches

The base is canvas or polyester

A 2D or 3D embroidery can be applied to this in all possible colors.

Geborduurde patch
Geprinte Patches
PRINTED patches

Less is more

A simple canvas surface cut into the right shape can be printed with your logo or other expression by use of screen printing. .


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