The last piece of the puzzle

Or in other words, the finishing touch. Hangtags complete a product.

A nice cardboard hangi tag can make all the difference.
Different paper types are an option. Thickness and weight are important to considerate.

In addition, various printing techniques are possible on the cardboard.

Kartonnen Hangtags
Rubberen hangtags
RUBBER hangtags

Turn a hangtag into a lasting gimmick

A rubber hangtag creates a young and sporty image.
The great thing about rubber is that shape and size are unlimited. Rubber can be molded into a variety of shapes. You do not have to think of a flat design, but you can work in 3D. In addition, multiple colors are possible for this technique.

You don’t just throw away a rubber hangtag, but you can still use it on your key ring, for example, It adds extra value to your brand identity.

polyester hangtags

The sky is the limit

The possibilities are virtually unlimited for plastic hang tags. transparent, luminous, reflective and holographic are just a few examples of properties that you can apply to the material.
This in combination with any shape and print color gives the opportunity to let creativity run free.

Polyester Hangtags


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